Education Capacity Building

With the support of Tarabot, training management concepts were introduced to ministry staff. Upon completion of the program, they become subject matter experts in how to analyze, conduct, evaluate, and implement the ministry’s training programs. To illustrate ownership of this initiative and ensure the sustainability of Tarabot’s work, the Government of Iraq allocated $2.1 million in cost share funding to support USAID-Tarabot’s activities with the Ministry of Education.

The Tarabot Master Trainer program is centered around four distinct modules focusing on analysis, design, evaluation, and implementation. These modules are designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to: 1) identify training requirements within their ministry, 2) develop training courses that will fulfill the training shortfalls identified in the analysis process, 3) conduct training evaluations, and 4) implement effective training programs.

Through a three-tiered training program, USAID-Tarabot equipped 533 ministry staff with the ability to identify administrative deficiencies throughout the ministry and its directorates, and develop the necessary training courses and programs to meet shortfalls. Sustainability was foundational to Tarabot’s program, enabling an environment for continual improvement by ministry staff members who become subject matter experts, trainer of trainers, and master trainers. Out of 533 subject matter experts trained through this education initiative, 117 qualified to become trainers of trainers. Instructed and certified by Tarabot, they are able to educate future subject matter experts. In Tarabot’s final round of training, 57 trainers of trainers out of the pool of 117 went on to become master trainers.       

Through this program, Tarabot introduced critical aspects of the Training Management System to the ministry and laid the groundwork for future training programs in the ministry and its directorates. With this solid footing, the ministry has actively pursued a contract with the World Bank to further efforts achieved with Tarabot in the implementation of this training management program in its Teacher Training Institute and Training Development section.